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The Israel-Hamas War

They had/have freedom.

They had money coming in from all around the world.

Used their freedom to overwhelmingly vote HAMAS in a genuine election, who in turn used their freedom/money to build terror tunnels. Civilians helped HAMAS build those terror tunnels.

44000 Gazans were working in Israel. Some of whom spied against Israel to bring the 7 Oct 23 Jihad attack against innocent civilians in Israel (the Jews).

Gazan schools taught Jihad to kids.

On 7 Oct 23, A HAMAS savage, who had just killed 10 Jews called his parents; And, the parents said 'Allahu Akbar.'

HAMAS supporters around the world are calling for genocide of Jews. That is exactly what the slogan 'from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free' means. Some in the protests explicitly say 'gas the Jews!' Jew-hatred is taught in Islam (Jihad).

I am against HAMAS/JIHAD, which automatically puts me on the side of Israel. Israel declared war against HAMAS; Not 'Palestinians.' Nor Gazans. Israel warned Gazan civilians to move to south. But, Hamas savages hindered their move to safety.

On 7 Oct 23, GAZAN CIVILIANS accompanied HAMAS savages to loot, rape, and murder ISRAELI CIVILIANS, including women, young girls, toddlers, and babies.

HAMAS sends rockets into Israeli cities (full of unarmed civilians) from/near/in 'Palestine' schools, mosques, and hospitals. They still claim 'we have no food/water' which was actually given freely by Israel! So, they have no food, no water, but plenty of rockets!

The misfired rocket that fell into the Al Shifa Hospital parking lot was fired by 'Islamic Jihad Resistance,' another Jihadi organization from 'Palestine.' They fired it from a cemetery behind the hospital. It had already exploded in the air before falling into the nearby hospital parking lot.

HAMAS dug out sewage/water pipes to build rockets. Civilians had nothing to protest against such works of their own government!

Survey in 2021 shows civilians of/in 'Palestine' overwhelmingly supporting Jihadi organizations.

Most participants of peace festival near Gaza border on 7 Oct 23 supported 'Palestine.' But they were the first to be killed by Jihadis.

Most Islamic believers are not terrorists; But, most terrorists are Islamic, and are for Jihad against unbelievers.

You might think it has nothing to do with their religion; But, they are saying it is! You are not actually believing what they are saying about themselves.